How to Blog Better – For Super SEO Success

SEO is like a recipe; lots of ingredients have to work together to achieve a great bake. You’re regularly posting content to your business’ blog but unfortunately readers aren’t flocking to read your latest musings, so how you can be blogging better for your business?

Businesses are now on board when it comes to blogging, but the real challenge lies in knowing how to put together a search engine-optimised, good quality blog post, and knowing what to do with it once it’s live. So, here are our top tips for the essential things you need to do before, during and after you work on your next blog post.

1. Keyword research is essential. Before you put pen to paper, you need to determine the most relevant keywords and phrases, including looking at what questions your target market are asking search engines – check out answerthepublic.com


2. Write ‘evergreen’ content that doesn’t age and can work away in the background when it comes to keywords.


3. Make sure your headings, sub-headings and body copy include keywords and phrases, but also that they’re enticing to read. You want people to actually click on your post once they’ve found it. 4. Include hyperlinks, linking to previous blog posts and outbound links — Google loves them.

5. Use images; make sure they’re royalty-free if they’re not your own, from the likes of Pixabay.com. Better still, use video. Whatever you choose, make sure you add relevant Alt image tags.
How to Blog Better - For Super SEO Success

6. Once you’ve posted your blog post to your website, make sure you add a meta description to help Google work out what it’s about.

7. Shout about your latest post on your social media, as well as previous posts. Blogs give you a bank of content for your social media if you’re struggling with what to say.

8. Add Yoast to your WordPress and make sure your posts adhere to Yoast’s readability recommendations to make sure your content is as satisfying to humans as it is to search engines.

9. Make sure you’ve got Google Analytics set up on your website; that way you can look at where traffic came from, how long they spent on the page, what they did next and what they clicked on the most. Do more of whatever worked last time with your next post! 

10. That’s it for now, it just felt weird having a top 9 list…

As you know, blogging for businesses is key to driving traffic to a website. It’s not only a chance to show you’ve got your finger on the pulse with what’s happening in your industry, but it’s an opportunity to butter up the big search engines like Google. 


If you wish you were doing the above but just don’t have the time, get in touch on lauren@lycopywriting.co.uk to find out about our affordable monthly business blogging package.

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