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Meet Isabel – Our new Marketing Executive Apprentice!

We recently welcomed Isabel to the team as an Apprentice Level 4 Marketing Executive. In a bid to give our clients an insight into Isabel, share what she likes to do in her spare time and what she hopes to get out of her time with LY Copywriting, we asked her….


What is your previous experience in marketing?

I recently finished university where I studied Media Production and chose to specialise in tv and film. From my degree I have a good knowledge of media. In terms of marketing, I have done some voluntary work doing basic social media marketing for a couple of local charities I help.

Why did you choose to do an apprenticeship?

During my time at university, there was a module where we had to create an app, and this included doing the marketing and advertising for it. I thoroughly enjoyed it and started to think it is something I would be excited to try and develop into a career. Due to me not having a degree specifically in marketing, it was hard to find a job position as I didn’t have much experience or the theoretical knowledge I needed. Therefore, I thought it would be best to start my way from the beginning so I can learn all the basics and build myself up into my career.

Why did you choose LY Copywriting?

On first meeting Lauren, she seemed like she definitely had her head screwed on and had lots of forward-thinking ideas which I loved to hear. She seemed really passionate about her work, and it is always nice to learn from someone who loves what they do as it makes it more interesting and enjoyable. LY Copywriting has a great reputation as well and is local to me.

What are you looking forward to learning during your apprenticeship?

I am looking forward to learning lots of key marketing techniques and skills from my on the job experience as well as my theory-based study. In particular, I’m just looking forward to developing myself as an individual as well and pushing myself to achieve targets and goals.

What are your impressions of your first week as part of the LY Copywriting team? (Be honest!)

I have enjoyed my first week so far, with split learning at home and office based. It has given me more freedom to take control of my work which I have really enjoyed. I feel like I am already learning interesting tips and some of the basic components to marketing.

Can you share five interesting facts about yourself? 

  1. I have a cat called Chip. I named him this as when I brought him home for the first time, he was in an empty cardboard box that was for McCain frozen chips.
  2. I have always loved theatre and performing. I took dance and acting classes for over 16 years; I only stopped when I went away to university but still continue to help out with local companies and their theatre productions. Though I tend to avoid the spotlight nowadays and hide backstage with the technical team!
  3. I love gaming. It is something my partner and I enjoy doing together, from Call of Duty to GTA, to Minecraft and Fortnite.
  4. I like trying new foods and also weird food combinations. A couple of my favourites are chocolate and ready salted crisps or chilli con carne and mayo.
  5. I have a passion for home design and DIY. I am a very creative person and I love decorating, building furniture and designing spaces. I love organising spaces, cleaning and decluttering too.

We hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about our newest recruit. We’re delighted to be able to offer Isabel the chance to learn about how our business works and help her take the first step in her career in marketing. We’ll keep you posted with her progress, and she’ll be sharing details about some of the projects she’ll be working on in our blog and on the LY Copywriting LinkedIn page. 

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