Meet Our Creative Writers

Meet our group of creative writers and thinkers. A team with a way with words and exceptional knowledge of online and offline content writing. From founder Lauren and strategist Natalie, through to B2B specialist Paul and social media stalwart Kim, our team is a complete content marketing agency covering all corners of the market.

Our Talented Creative Writers and Thinkers

Meet Lauren Yaxley Content Marketing strategist


The glue that holds this gig together, Lauren combines her agency-side experience in account management with her talent for copywriting to create and nurture our ambitious business. She keeps everyone on their toes with her demanding deadlines and is regularly found flinging ideas around and, as a millennial managing director, tries to delegate the boring bits and focus on the fun stuff, which doesn’t always work out but luckily she loves what we do and is more than happy to muck in!

Meet creative writer Sandy


The gatekeeper of grammar, Sandy casts her eagle eye over everything we do before it goes out the door. She knows whether it’s who’s, whose or whom and is in the minority of people who truly understand when to use a comma, semi-colon or colon! A professional proofreader with many years’ experience, including working as an editor at Yale University Press, Sandy proofreads anything from manuscripts to memoirs and websites to social media content. If there’s some suspicious spelling or out-of-place punctuation - she’ll find it.

Meet creative writer Kim


Our social media stalwart, Kim has immersed herself in the world of social media and has a remarkable ability to know exactly what makes people tick and translate this into creative social media content. From fun and flirty brands to professional services businesses looking for regular, reliable and accurate content, Kim has been called a ‘godsend’ by our clients on more than one occasion. Passionate about providing a personalised service, Kim goes above and beyond to make sure our clients are happy with every aspect of our social media management services.

Meet Creative Writer Tasmin


A truly gifted all-round writer, Tamsin writes blog posts and website copy covering everything from the weird and wonderful to photography, property, ecommerce, digital marketing and much, much more. Tamsin has the ability to understand even the vaguest of briefs and create compelling content that caters for target audiences, satisfies search engines and adds real value to clients’ websites. She’s worked for some of the biggest names in the business, from leading supermarkets and online travel agents to household names in home improvements and car manufacturing.

Our Creative Writers


A talented travel writer, Amy regularly writes blogs and website content that not only makes you ‘wish you were here’ but allows you to clearly imagine the destination in your mind’s eye. Thanks to her descriptive, imaginative and vivacious way with words, Amy can transport you to exciting places around the globe, from the white sands and crystal clear seas of St Vincent and the Grenadines to the ice palaces and snowy drifts of Switzerland.

Our Creative Writers


With a strong background in B2B copywriting, Paul is often our first port of call when it comes to content for clients in financial services, digital marketing, project management and business development as well as a whole host of other areas. Having created content for everyone from tradespeople to web design agencies, Paul is able to speak to people in the language they understand, with a strong focus on SEO to make sure clients' content gets found by the right people in the right places.

Meet Creative Writer Natalie


So good at strategy that we’ve tried to rename her Natagy, (she wasn’t keen so it didn’t stick) Natalie has had an accomplished career in senior marketing roles within multi-million pound companies. Now freelance to afford her the flexibility to work around her family, Natalie is our go-to-guru for all things strategy. From social media to content calendars and wider marketing strategies, thinking outside the box is an understatement as Natalie comes up with ideas that clients happily admit they’d never have thought of in a million years!

Meet Creative Writer Chloe


Our social media account manager,  Jenny, previously worked for one of Norfolk’s leading marketing agencies as a senior account manager. After converting to the freelance way of life to better suit her family (including twin puppies!) she soon settled in to the LY Copywriting way of life. Unfazed by anything we throw her way, Jenny is proactive and able to pre-empt client queries, then promptly offer the answers. She helps oil the cogs of the content machine we've worked so hard to build and keeps our social media accounts running smoothly and stress-free for everyone!